Indulge your Curiosity and Enjoy Safe Urethral Sounding

Stainless Steel Beaded Urethral Sound

Interested in what pleasures urethral sounding has to offer? Many men and women enjoy indulging in one of the milder forms of edge play. As long as this practice is enjoyed in a safe, sane and consensual manner, sounding can be a thrilling experience which can be enjoyed time and time again.

What is urethral sounding?

Self-urethral stretching is a fetish where pleasure is derived from inserting objects into the urethra. This is done for a number of reasons from experiencing intense stimulation in uncharted territory to minor body modification. The urethral sounding procedure is simple enough to perform but it is extremely important to take exceptional care when exploring this medical play phenomenon.

The urethral sounding procedure

Choose your equipment

It’s always best to do plenty of your own research to ensure your safety as well as pleasure. Choosing the proper equipment is key. Stainless steel urethral sounds are the most popular items used in urethral exploration. Made from medical grade 316 stainless steel, our urethral probes are exactly what you would find in a medical setting. The ultra-smooth surface allows the sound to glide in with a little sterile lubricant as it gives your urethra a gentle stretch. The non-porous design also keeps your sounds from harbouring dangerous bacteria which can cause a nasty UTI. They’re easy to sanitise and with proper care you can enjoy this sensation without any increased risk.

Clean everything carefully

Urethral Sounding
The gentle rounded tip makes urethral sounding a pleasure

Before playtime, be sure to boil your sounding rods for at least 30 minutes. While they’re boiling, prepare your play area. Remove any excess equipment, source some latex or nitrile gloves if you’re using them and sanitise a surface which ONLY your sounds will touch. Be sure to wash your hands with antibacterial soap and clean the entrance to the urethra.

Set the stage

Lay out your sterile lube where it’s easy to access single handily. Some sounders like to squeeze out a blob on the same surface as their urethral sounds to dip your sound in before the initial probe. This is one time you should definitely never double dip! Once you’ve lubed up the tip of the sound and begun your play, the lube will soon mix with your pre-cum to help lubricate things nicely during use.

Dive in

Now sit back, relax, take your urethral sound in hand, lube it up and gently introduce it into the opening of your urethra. Slow and steady wins the race. The average urethra can accommodate about a 4mm diameter sound, so this is a good size probe to begin with. Slowly guide it in, making gentle in and out movements until you’ve gone as deep as you dare. The gentle, rounded tip provides you with a more favourable edge which is less likely to cause discomfort or injury.

Careful now!

Always be sure to go slow and never force the sound if you meet any resistance. If you experience any pain, stop and try again another day. If you experience any bleeding, be sure to seek medical attention as this can be a sign of a serious injury.

So what does it feel like?

Urethral sounding can create a myriad of sensations. Some say it’s like sitting on the fence between pleasure and pain. Many will say it makes their penis more sensitive so external stimulation feels amazing or it feels as though they’re masturbating from the inside. Others will simply enjoy the optical experience of sinking a steel rod down their penis!

I like the ‘sound’ of this, where can I buy quality urethral sounds?

Whether you’re just starting out with sounding or you’re looking to increase your collection of urethral probes, here at Rouge Garments, we’ll have something for everyone. Our selection of specially made urethral sounds, penis plugs, and probes were designed and manufactured with your safety and pleasure in mind. Each item is made with body safe stainless steel following our strict manufacturing specifications. Every urethral sound features a gently rounded tip and a super smooth surface for safety and performance.

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