Send Him a Dozen Roses with our Rosebud Sounds

Rosebud Sounds

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your favourite kinkster with a penis, then our 12 piece Rosebud Sounds Set will surely bring a knowing smile to your loved one’s face. This all-inclusive set is perfect for anyone who’s serious about urethral sounding. Also known as bakes sounds or bullet sounds, this set of top quality stainless steel urethral sounds will help reach new depths of pleasure in no time.

The experience felt when using a set of rosebud sounds is slightly different to that of traditional smooth shafted urethral sounds. As your urethra stretches to accommodate the diameter of the sound, you’ll feel a sensation similar to that of ejaculation. This is of course due to the oval shaped head which allows you to gently go at your own pace with a gradual stretch. Just imagine how amazing gentle thrusts in and out of your penis will feel!

What sets these sounds apart from other sounds?

Rosebud Sounds

Our set of rosebud sounds comes with twelve sounds in a range of sizes ranging from 1-12mm. Start off small and size up when you’re ready for a challenge. It’s certainly a set that grows with you as you work your way up to the largest sound. The specially designed handles provide you with superior grip. This is especially important for dynamic control of your stimulation and pleasure.

Using your favourite sterile water-based lubricant to help lubricate the way, the tapered tip slips past your piss hole with ease. Now slowly and gently feed the bulbous tip deeper. You’ll feel your urethra stretch then relax around the other end as the tip dives deep. It’s almost feels as though your cock is swallowing a tasty treat.

As you explore the depths of your body, you’ll experience an intensified stimulation like you’ve never felt before. Many men who love urethral sounding will say that the unique sensation feels like you’re masturbating from the inside. Mix with this some external stimulation for a truly mind-blowing experience!

Rosebud Sounds

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