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Stainless Steel Collars

Give the gift of exquisite bondage jewellery with our range of stainless steel collars. These bondage collars are made from top quality stainless steel material for an ultra-smooth finish. Why not collar your precious slave with a gorgeous eternity collar to emphasise your D/s relationship with style? We carry both Turian collars (rounded cross section style) and Gorean collars (flat band style).

Every stainless steel collar features a built-in o ring. As a result, this design is perfect for attaching a lead or to simply pull your submissive along with your finger. With bondage collars as beautiful as these, we’re sure they’ll be eager to follow.

Stainless Steel Collars




Stainless Steel Collars

Stainless Steel Collar



Stainless Steel Collars

Stainless Steel O Ring Collar



Thanks to their beauty and subtle design, some submissives enjoy wearing these collars as their day collars. The sleek stainless steel design makes a great statement piece and can be enjoyed as day to day jewellery. Our stainless steel collars come packaged in either a sealed plastic bag or a sturdy clam shell which makes it easy for retailers to display in their shops.

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